What happens on a Sunday at the Faith Tabernacle? 
    Our Sunday service is casual and friendly. We meet at the church building on Albert Street in Coboconk.
    Our usual structure looks something like this: we enjoy family worship for about one-half hour through song while the band plays (although you don’t have to sing if it’s not your style).  Announcements and a Children's time follow then Pastor Dave speaks for about 20-30 minutes – his thoughtful sermons range from topical discussions about current events, to Biblical explorations into new and old ideas.
    A Children's Program is available, and takes place during the sermon time.  
    We’re friendly people, and we hope you’ll quickly feel at home at Faith Tabernacle. If you should ever happen to visit on the third Sunday of the month, you’ll be treated to a delicious array of food - a free-for-all pot-luck lunch that takes place after the service.