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Boy, was I wrong!
November 10, 2015
Recently I listened to a young Pastor speak to a group consisting of mainly other Pastors with many years experience.  I was initially wondering just what this young man would be able to tell us that we hadn't already preached about...counselled about...or experienced in our advanced years of ministry. Would we just kindly smile as he attempted to impress us?...just to encourage him? I am certain that what I was feeling at the onset of this gathering was shared by many others, I was not alone in my thoughts.  

However, this guy was amazing!  He opened God's word and humbly communicated to us with such confidence and authority that I was blown away.  I was connecting to what he was saying.  I was hanging on each thought he carefully articulated.  I was challenged with positive, clear and strongly based ideas. He was beyond his years.  

I share this to also challenge each of us to NOT look down on the young men and women who are coming behind us carrying the torch of Jesus. They are carrrying it even higher that we do.  Let's not only encourage them in their calling, but let's accept them and make it easier for them.  Lets make way for their unique gifts of communication. Let's honour them and esteem them highly as Jesus has asked us to!
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